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CAKE Inks Distribution Deal for ‘Tish Tash’

New preschool 2D animated series recently premiered on EBS in Korea; show inspires imaginative play and problem solving in young children.

CAKE has signed an agreement to distribute the new preschool 2D animated series Tish Tash. Aimed at kids ages 3-5, the series is being produced by South Korean animation shop Studio Gale, Singapore-based August Media Holdings, Philippines media group Synergy88 Entertainment and award-winning UK-based Karrot Entertainment. CAKE will be introducing the title at MIPCOM following the series’ premiere on EBS in Korea.

Tish Tash (52 x 5’) follows the adventures of a young bear called Tish, her bear family and her larger-than-life imaginary friend Tash, as they learn about the world around them. No matter what troubles they face - be it surviving long, boring car trips, or helping Tish’s baby brother to not to be too sad about losing his favorite toy - these special friends can create new worlds around themselves, embarking on fun adventures while inspiring imaginative play and problem solving in young children.

Family life is at the core of the series with sparky, kid-voiced performances and genuine warmth created by believable and funny family dynamics. Both kids and their parents will identify with the stories.

Tish Tash has huge potential - a fresh take on what it’s like to have an imaginary friend, something most children have experienced and can relate to,” commented CAKE CCO & managing director Ed Galton. “We are very excited to be working with Studio Gale, August, Synergy88 and Karrot; strong partners from around the world, whose collaboration has resulted in a truly global approach.”

“We are thrilled to present Tish Tash to the world with CAKE, and alongside August, Synergy88 and Karrot, who is one of the most creative companies in the UK,” shared Studio Gale CEO Chang-Hwan Shin. “We believe young children around the same age as Tish and Tash may be having a hard time due to the current pandemic and we hope Tish Tash will encourage children to use their imagination to overcome this difficult time, while entertaining them with delightful adventures.”

"We are thrilled to have CAKE on board on this show,” added August Media Holdings CEO Jyotirmoy Saha. “Given their history of success with pre-school shows, we hope Tish Tash will become a household name around the world."

Source: CAKE