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Butt-Ugly Martians Have Universal Appeal

Universal Studios, Just Group, Mike Young Productions and DCDC have entered into a broad arrangement for BUTT-UGLY MARTIANS, the new CGI-animated action-adventure-comedy TV series, which debuted on the U.K. channel CITV in February 2001. The series, backed by a list of licensees including Hasbro and Scholastic, will premiere on Nickelodeon in the U.S. in early 2002 and has begun debuting on other children's outlets around the world. Under the terms of the arrangement, Universal Studios will have all feature film rights together with the associated consumer products representation, worldwide home video distribution rights (excluding the U.K. and Germany), the right to finance and produce additional television episodes and theme park rights. Universal Pictures Franchise Development together with Just Group will coordinate and manage the property. BUTT-UGLY MARTIANS is set in the year 2053 and features three Martian heroes who are sent to planet Earth by the evil Emperor Bog with a mission to invade. There's just one thing: they really have no intention of taking over! In fact, they fought for the assignment because they wanted to experience Earth's great pop culture of fast food, video games and TV. The Butt-Ugly's new mission includes keeping their Earth friends safe from other space invaders and evading Emperor Bog by sending phony taped progress reports of themselves "conquering" the planet. BUTT-UGLY MARTIANS is a Just Entertainment production in association with Mike Young Productions and DCDC in Hong Kong.