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Butt Studio Teams Up with Tame Impala for ‘Breather Deeper’ Music Video

Studio founder employs experimental combination of 2D and 3D/CG for an epic trippy dragonfly experience.

Butt Studio continues to push the boundaries of 3D with a visually mental masterclass for Tame Impala's Breathe Deeper. Using an experimental animation approach, studio founder Harry Butt dreamed up a trippy dragonfly epic, building the world and characters in 3D. He then craftily comped 2D faces onto the dragonflies, bringing additional tones and textures to the overall piece. The unique film kicks off a new phase of creativity as the studio’s first narrative piece.

"It was important for me to find a story that was an unexpected solution to creating a video for this track,” explained Butt. “I was aware that I was very much in the shadow of who I was pitching against - and creating a Tame Impala music video is really one of those once in a lifetime things - so I had to move way beyond what I would usually think of as a safe choice. The initial brief was about a drug experience and so the natural environment and storyline between non-human characters provided this alternative way to visualize the experience while still staying close to the emotion and feeling in the track. We've all seen drug experiences in film and animation before - so I smashed together unexpected settings for a story with my own personal experiences to try and create a unique approach.”

“Both 3D and 2D animation have their limitations - so in an attempt to try and pick and choose each technique’s best bits, we began to put the two worlds together,” Butt continued. “There's still so much more that could have been done to integrate the two, but it was important to begin to bridge that gap in this film. The film for me was a huge learning curve and a real playground. I'm very grateful for all the support from the crew who patiently built our world and story into this final product we can all be super proud of."

Source: Butt Studio