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Buster Creates Brand ID for New FXM Programming Block

Conceptual design studio Buster has created and produced the brand identity for the recently launched FX Movie Channel(FXM).

Press release from Buster:

Los Angeles, CA – Conceptual design studio Buster has created and produced the brand identity for the recently launched FX Movie Channel (FXM), a new programming block from FX and the Fox Movie Channel, Buster’s clients for the project. Buster is a division of the Los Angeles-based Stun Creative.

Spearheaded by Jonas Morganstein, Chief Creative Officer, and Michael Vamosy, Executive Creative Director, the Buster Design team conceived and delivered the logo for the new FXM network, along with an extensive promo package, interstitial content, navigational elements, and a motion graphics toolkit. To view some of this work, please see:

For this network launch, Buster worked closely with Fox Movie Channel executives Chuck Saftler, Executive Vice President, FX Networks and General Manager, Fox Movie Channel, Adam Lewinson, SVP, Programming and Production, Steve Miller, Director, On-Air Promotion and Maureen Timpa, Director of Production. Buster also worked on the new launch with FX executives Stephanie Gibbons, EVP, Marketing & On-Air Promotions, John Varvi, SVP, On-Air Promotions, and Albert Romero, VP, Broadcast Design.

Adam Lewinson said, ”I will always remember the moment when I first saw what would become our FXM logo.  The Buster Design team achieved a level of boldness and elegance that has extended to our entire on-air brand.”

Stephanie Gibbons added, "We have long teamed with Buster to create some of our most innovative graphic packaging.  Once again, Buster’s FXM designs exceeded our expectations – they delivered brilliantly with a unique theatrical aesthetic that helps define this evolving network."

Adds Morganstein, “We were fortunate enough to have launched the look and feel for the FX Movie Package a few years ago.  Designed to accompany the memorable ‘FX Has The Movies’ musical theme – we took the X motif and expanded it into an architectural space – a home for movies.  Now its come full circle as the FX Movie brand spins off to launch a new movie-themed programming block and we’re honored to help take the brand to the next level.”  

“For FXM, we aimed to create an innovative space that nods to the architectural X world that we created for FX Movies, but clearly takes it to a new domain.  In the FXM design space, the architectural X is created out of typography – which offers innovative solutions to type messaging and provides fresh opportunities to move through the space and reveal the brand architecture as a platform for each graphic deliverable,” Morganstein concludes.

Vamosy said, “This was a hugely collaborative effort. Our goal was to craft something very different and unique for this new launch. FX always inspires us to push our boundaries of creativity and branding. We love the challenge, because it makes us step up to produce visually compelling material. In this case,  graphics that will illustrate a truly different – and versatile – new viewer destination. Stephanie Gibbons and her team are always inspiring clients, and we strive to deliver our best possible work for them.”

About FXM

Fox Movie Channel is the only network presenting movies and original series for viewers who want to know how Hollywood movies and television series are made today. Fox Movie Channel features a commercial-free format of classic films from 3:00am – 3:00pm ET. The FX Movie Channel (FXM) programming block features contemporary movies with limited commercial interruption and award-winning original programming from 3:00pm – 3:00am ET. Originally launched in October 1994 as fXM, Fox Movie Channel is carried in more than 41 million homes.  FX Movie Channel’s expanding slate of award-winning original programming explores the movie and television making process from script to screen. FXM, the Future of Features.