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BUNNY wins at 1999 ASIFA-EAST Awards

ASIFA-EAST 1999 Awards ceremony was held Monday, April 12th. The followingawards were handed out:


Second Honorable MentionBETWEEN THE LINES by Jamie Maxfield

First Honorable Mention.HEADQUARTERS by Jason Donati

Third PlaceSMILE by Alex Hart

Second PlaceA LETTER FROM THE WESTERN FRONT by Daniel Kanemoto

First PlaceSTRANGE REALITY by Jusuf Santoso


Excellence in DesignDIVINING ROD/TROUT/IRRITABILITY GENE, Acme Filmworks

Excellence in AnimationCOKE: SUPERMOM VS. ALIENS, Wild Brain/Dave Marshall

Excellence in HumorPAYBACK by Acme Filmworks

Excellence in HumorEPISCOPAL NEW CHURCH CENTER by J. J. Sedelmaier & Ron Henderson

Third PlaceLEVI'S WORLD AIDS DAY by Wild Brain; John Hays, director

Second PlaceTITEY by J. J. Sedelmaier Productions; David Wachtenheim, director

First PlaceTHE WONDERFUL ICE CREAM SUIT, Acme Filmworks; Aleksandra Korejwo, director


Excellence in DesignHOW NEHEMIAH GOT FREE by The Ink Tank; Santiago Cohen

Excellence in AnimationTHE GREAT SWITCHEROO by John Schnall

Excellence in AnimationANTICS by Pitch Productions; Brendan Gallagher, Dave Figliola, Galen Chu,Geral Yoo

Excellence in WritingMAX & HIS SPECIAL PROBLEM by Games Animation; David Wasson & Chris Miller

Excellence in EducationSHOW & TELL by Buzzco Associates

Excellence in EducationBLUE'S SAD DAY by Blue's Clues/Nickelodeon

Third PlaceA DOG CARTOON by Wild Brain; Dave Thomas, director

Second PlacePLAYTIME, COLLECTION ONE by AR & T Associates; Paul & Sandra Fierlinger,directors

First PlaceTHE PARABLE OF THE CLOWN by Debra Solomon


Excellence in DesignGROUND ZERO/SACRED GROUND by Karen Aqua

Excellence in Experimental TechniquesTRUTH by Bernard Roddy

Third PlaceLIVING FOREVER by Fablevision; Peter Reynolds & Gary Goldberger, directors

Second PlaceTHE BLUE SHOE by Fablevision; Peter Reynolds & Gary Goldberger, directors

First PlaceTHE EXCITING LIFE OF A TREE by Bill Plympton, director

Special Award for Continuing Support of Independent Animated FilmDavid CallahanDonnell Media Center

Charles Samu AwardGROUND ZERO/SACRED GROUND by Karen AquaPLUM by Mui Shokouhi, Honorable Mention

1999 Best of ShowBUNNY by Blue Sky Studios; Chris Wedge, director