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Bron Animation Announces New 'Henchmen' Feature

Bron Animation begins production this fall on the full-length CG animated feature film, Henchmen, based on an original script by Jay D. Waxman directed by Adam Wood.

Burnaby, BCBron Animation will begin production this fall on the full-length CG animated feature film, Henchmen, based on an original script by Jay D. Waxman. Making his feature film directorial debut is Adam Wood, who recently served as Animation Director on The Weinstein Company’s animated feature Escape from Planet Earth. Wood, a former CG animator with Pixar (Toy Story II, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc), is currently directing Bron Animation’s Mighty Might Monsters specials “Halloween Havoc,” “New Fears Eve,” and “Pranks for the Memories.”

Bron Managing Director, Aaron L. Gilbert will produce alongside Barbara Zelinski (Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Mighty Mighty Monsters).

In Henchmen, Jimmy and The Kid are two low ranking henchmen just trying to earn a dishonest paycheck with whichever super villain group will hire them, but with the world’s super heroes constantly foiling all of the “take over the world” master plans, getting and keeping a job can be a lot of hard work.

But when The Kid accidently steals the super villain’s ultimate weapon, they find themselves thrust into the big leagues with every super hero and super villain in the world trying to capture them. Now the henchmen must stay one step ahead of their pursuers and find a way to save themselves, even if means becoming the one thing they have always hated…heroes.

Bron is currently ramping up its recruiting efforts, sending a team to Siggraph in Anaheim with Chief Technical Officer Terry Bates, Visual Effects Supervisor Teunis De Raat, Lead Pipeline Technical Director Kirk Chantraine and Technical Director Dimitry Kachkovski, accompanied by Bron partner Brenda Gilbert.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Bron Animation was founded in 2011 to create, develop, produce, and uniquely market CG animated motion pictures, series television, and holiday specials. Bron is currently in production on three Mighty Mighty Monsters animated specials. Bron’s senior team have been behind such successful animated blockbusters as Toy Story 2, Happy Feet 2, A Christmas Carol, Shrek The Third, Over The Hedge, Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc., Ratatouille, and others.

Source: Bron Animation

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