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Bridging The Gap Animation Lab Announces Selected Projects for Second Edition

Thirteen animated projects to participate in the second edition of international animation laboratory running July 18-23 in Valencia, Spain; selections include new talents from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Philippines, France, Lithuania, Panama, U.K., Syria, Venezuela and Spain.

MADRID, SPAIN -- International animation lab, Bridging the Gap – Animation Lab (BTG), which will be celebrated July 18 – 23 in Valencia (Spain), has announced the projects that will participate in its second edition. Organized by Bridging the Gap, an initiative promoted by several animation professionals, under the Program ACERCA on Training Development in the Cultural Sector of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), and with the collaboration of International and Ibero-American Administration and Public Policy (FIIAPP); the laboratory aims to strengthen and promote internationally animation projects from around the world and facilitate the creation of international partnerships and networks.

A total of 13 projects have been selected to participate in Bridging the Gap 2016.

The feature films include:

  • The Other Shape by Diego Felipe Guzmán (Colombia)
  • Wings by Tim Argall – preliminary director - (Lithuania)
  • Faery by Angcoy Crisologo (Philippines)
  • ALMI by Tewodros Kifle (Ethiopia)
  • Elsewhere by Ward Saleh (France/Siria)

The series chosen to participate are:

  • Jail by Catalina Vásquez (Colombia)
  • Chakay, Crossing the Bridge by Daniel Jacome (Ecuador)
  • Dinosaurs in the Sky by Amanda Richardson (United Kingdom/Brazil)
  • My name is Peligro by Juan Valbuena (Venezuela/Panama)
  • Raffi by Santiago O´Ryan & Ricardo Villavicencio (Chile)
  • Berks by Javier de la Chica (Spain)
  • Villains Campus by David Colomer (Spain)  
  • The Wind-ups by Irene Chica (Spain)

The five projects which received the BTG scholarships were:

  • Chakay, Crossing the Bridge by Daniel Jacome (Ecuador)
  • The Other Shape by Diego Felipe Guzmán (Colombia)
  • Faery by Angcoy Crisologo (Philippines),
  • ALMI by Tewodros Kifle (Ethiopia)
  • Jail by Catalina Vásquez (Colombia).

Special Scholarships Awarded:

  • Institut Français Espagne scholarship for the Best French Project - Elsewhere by Ward Saleh (France/Siria)
  • Creative UK Network – British Council scholarship - Dinosaurs in the sky by Amanda Richardson (United Kingdom/Brazil)
  • 3D Wire scholarship to the Best Spanish Project - The Wind-ups by Irene Chica (Spain)  
  • Barreira Arte + Diseño - Villains Campus by David Colomer (awarded to their own student)
  • U-tad - Berks by Javier de la Chica (awarded to their own student)

The participants will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to decision-makers and professionals of channels interested in exploring new animation works, such as Cartoon Network, RTVE or Movistar+.

The following experts are scheduled to attend the second edition of BTG, they include Eric Goossens, director of the Belgian production company Walking de Dog (The Congress, A Monster in Paris, The Secret of Kells and The Triplets of Belleville among others); Charlotte De La Gournerie, producer of one of the most successful projects in Kickstarter and an international benchmark of new forms of marketing of animation: The Reward; and the young animation studio Silly Walks that is currently working on a project of Nickelodeon USA, among others.

Joining the BTG a second time are the producer of Oscar-winning short film Logorama Nicolas Schmerkin; the creator of Pocoyo Guillermo Garcia Carsí; the creative director of Walt Disney Europe, Shamik Majumdar; the European producer of 2012 Manuel Cristóbal (‘Wrinkles’); Guadalupe Arensburg, Head of Short Films Acquisitions Department Movistar+; and Paco Rodríguez, consultant and executive producer of seven animated feature films.

In the first edition, seventeen students from all around the world gathered with their development projects. Among them, young people from the following countries participated: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Spain, France, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

Once again in the second edition of BTG, a number of Valencian institutions and organizations such as Culturarts IVAC Generalitat Valenciana; ANIMAT, the Valencian Association of Animation Studios, Rector Peset of the University of Valencia and the aforementioned school Barreira, Arte + DiseñoSource will collaborate in the event.

Source: Bridging the Gap