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Breaking Boards Isn’t so Easy in ‘LEGO Minions: The Kung Fu Master’

Illumination’s mischievous little maniacs bring their special style of mayhem to the world of bricks in their first ever LEGO animated short.

The summer of Minions continues as Illumination’s mischievous little maniacs star in their first-ever animated LEGO short, marking the first time the pop culture icons have been presented in LEGO animated form. Will the world of bricks ever recover?

LEGO Minions try their hands at becoming Kung Fu masters in Minions: The Kung Fu Master.  With a little bit of teamwork and their trusty LEGO bricks, they might just do it!

Illumination’s upcoming films include Sing 2 coming Dec. 22, 2021, and Minions: The Rise of Gru coming July 2022.

Source: Illumination