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BRB To Present Khuda-Yana At MIP Junior & MIPCOM

BRB Internacional is set to present Khuda-Yana, its newest cartoon series, at the upcoming editions of MIP Junior and MIPCOM, in October.


Press Release from BRB Internacional

BRB Internacional is set to present Khuda-Yana, its newest cartoon series, at the upcoming editions of MIP Junior and MIPCOM, in October. Khuda-Yana is, literally, the story of Khuda, a street thief who finds himself having to face a most unexpected destiny: that of becoming the next king of Kosala. It all starts when Khuda steals by mistake the Mystic Tulip and awakens the Blue Girl, a very special kind of genie, who will try and change the incorrigible young thief into a responsible monarch. The series, co-produced by Screen 21 and TVE with collaborative assistance from ICAA and ICIC, will premiere on a world level in 2012.

The adventures of Khuda are told over 26 half-hour episodes spiced with far-flung comedy, heart-thumping pacing and lots and lots of action. Right from the beginning, the life of the protagonist changes forever when he has no choice but to somehow balance the dangerous search for hidden treasures, making legendary caches of riches all his, with a life of ease… with the magic teachings of the Blue Girl: he must learn how to behave at the table, to study law, tame gigantic monsters and even… take a shower every day. And all this happens in the marvelous, fantastic, metropolis of Kosala, which showcases an incredible mix of styles, epochs, aromas, buildings and graffiti with references from Bombay to New York with stops in old Alexandria, Renaissance Venice, classic Athens or modern Tokyo.

Khuda-Yana is also story about destiny, power and its responsibility and discovering new worlds… all with a very carefully concocted blend of genres and styles that go from fantasy to science fiction, with all the diverse resources and narrative tricks, parody included.

About BRB Internacional: An international company founded in Spain with more than 35 years experience in the production, distribution and licensing of high quality television programmes. BRB's animated series have been seen around the world, and characters such as David the Gnome, Dogtanian and Willy Fog are widely recognised as classics since back in the ‘80s. Currently BRB is producing innovative and branded series through the development of its Catalan studio Screen 21 using the latest techniques in design, 3D stereoscopic and CG technology – including such successful brands like Bernard, Suckers, Canimals, Kambu or Zoobabu. In the field of licensing, the company manages aside of all BRB’s titles an impressive catalogue which includes the Cartoon Network's properties for Spain and Portugal (Generator Rex, Foster's, Ben 10, Bakugan, ...) or the PlayStation IPs LittleBigPlanetTM, EyePetTM, InvizimalsTM and SingStar TM in Spain and Portugal. For more information:,,,

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