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BRB Brings Angus & Cheryl to NATPE

BRB Internacional will present the first season of the animated series ANGUS & CHERYL at NATPE in Las Vegas this week. Currently being shown in several countries around the world -- including on Nickelodeon in Latin America and France, and 5th Channel in Russia -- the innovative 104x2 series in hi-def 3D and pop-up style will premier on RTL2 in Germany beginning in February and on UCV TV, Chile's oldest channel, soon. In addition, Nickelodeon, which possesses the cable and satellite TV rights for Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Holland, will start broadcasting the series in Italy next autumn. Public channels Radio Canada and France 3 own rights throughout most of Canada and in France, respectively. Universal Pictures International Ent. has acquired the mobile rights for the U.K. and Ireland.

Aimed at a family audience, ANGUS & CHERYL is a humorous dialogueless series that explores the relations between guys and girls through the eyes of two curious protagonists: Angus, simple and direct, and Cheryl, complex and devious. Each episode develops an entertaining story in an attention-grabbing manner and culminates with a suprising and comic finale, creating an original world in which digital sound and music take on special importance, reproducing the sonorous essence of videogames.

Produced by the Catalonian company Screen 21, in co-production with BRB Internacional, Televisió de Catalunya and Tuba Entertainment, the series has been specifically designed to easily adapt to all new technologies, including cell phones, VOD, IPTV, videogames, and virtual communities.