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Braveheart and Gladiator on Blu-ray Plus Heroes S3

New on Blu-ray: BRAVEHEART, GLADIATOR, HEROES Season 3 and DisneyNature's EARTH.

BRAVEHEART Sapphire Edition (Blu-ray)Paramount Pictures/1995/177 min/Rated R/50GB Blu-ray Two-disc set/SRP: $39.99Director: Mel GibsonCast: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan, Catherine McCormack, Brendan GleesonOscar winner Mike Fink (THE GOLDEN COMPASS) served as VFX supervisor) and vfx was by R/Greenberg Associates, CFC and Peerless Camera Co.

Edition Details:* Audio commentary by Mel Gibson* Interactive Timelines—Three distinct timelines featuring a combination of video, images, text and audio that can be accessed linearly or randomly.

Disc 2:* Battlefields of the Scottish Rebellion— Topography, weapons, troop movements, and leadership data can also be accessed.* BRAVEHEART: A Look Back (A Company of Equals, the Sound of Laughter, the Measure of Film (60min)* Smithfield: Medieval Killing Fields (25min)* A Writer's Journey (21min)* Two BRAVEHEART theatrical trailers (1:40 + 2:54)NOTE: Extras have Optional English, French, Spanish subtitles.

Summary: In the late 13th century, William Wallace returns to Scotland after living away from his homeland for many years. The king of Scotland has died without an heir and the king of England, a ruthless pagan known as Edward the Longshanks, has seized the throne. Wallace becomes the leader of a ramshackle yet courageous army determined to vanquish the greater English forces.

GLADIATOR Sapphire Edition (Blu-ray)Extended and Theatrical CutParamount Pictures/2000/171 min/Rated R/Two-disc set/SRP: $39.99Director: Ridley ScottCast: Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Oliver Reed, Richard HarrisTim Burke (HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE) served as VFX supervisor for Mill Film.

Edition Details:* Audio Commentary—Two separate commentaries accompany the original theatrical version and extended version of the film.* The Scrolls of Knowledge Trivia track* Visions from Elysium: Topic Marker

Disc 2:* Visions From Elysium TOP portal* Strength and Honor: Creating the World of Gladiator. (8 chapters/topics) The Aurelian Archives* The Making of Gladiator—HBO First Look special (25min)* GLADIATOR Games: The Roman Bloodsport—Learning Channel special. (50min)* Hans Zimmer: Scoring Gladiator (20min)* An Evening with Russell Crowe (27min)* Maximus Uncut - Between Takes with Russell Crowe (7min)* My Gladiator Journal—Personal (text)* Image & Design— Five Featurettes and galleries covering the production design, storyboards, costumes and more.* 5 Abandoned Sequences or Deleted Scenes*VFX Explorations: Germania & Rome (23min)* Two Trailers (2min)* 20 TV Spots (8min total)NOTE: Extras have optional subtitles in English, French, Spanish or Korean.

Summary: In the final days of Marcus Aurelius' reign, the aging emperor angers his son Commodus by making it known that he wants Maximus, a fearsome and respected Roman general, to be his successor. Power-hungry Commodus kills his father and orders the death of Maximus. But the latter flees, only to discover that his wife and child have been murdered by Commodus. Captured, Maximus is forced into slavery, where he is sold to Proximo, a former gladiator who serves as both mentor and slave master.

TRANSFORMERS: More Than Meets the Eye (DVD)Shout! Factory/ Unrated/115min/SRP: $12.99Directors: John WalkerActors: Peter Cullen, Frank Welker, Chris Latta, Corey Burton

Format: Animated, Color, DVD, NTSCLanguage: EnglishRegion: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only)

Summary:Four million years after crash-landing on an unfamiliar planet, sentient robots with the ability to disguise themselves as common vehicles awaken on present-day Earth. Desperate to find a new energy source for their home planet of Cybertron, Optimus Prime and the heroic Autobots must defend their new friends Spike and Sparkplug and the innocent people of Earth against their archenemies, Megatron and the power-hungry Decepticons.

Disc Extras:This single disc release also features two bonus episodes “Transport to Oblivion” and “Roll for It.”

HEROES: Season Three (DVD/Blu-ray)Universal Studios/2008 /1073 min /Not Rated/SRP: $79.9850GB Blu-ray DiscFive-disc setBonus View (PiP)BD-LiveD-BoxVideo codec: MPEG-4 AVCVideo resolution: 1080pAspect ratio: 1.78:1English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Summary:They thought they were like everyone else... until they woke with incredible abilities.

Special Features:*Twenty-five Picture-in-Picture audio commentaries: a variety of exclusives, and all of the supplemental content that appears on the standard DVD edition. The vast majority of the material is presented in HD. Many members of the cast and production crew sit-down to discuss all twenty-five 3rd season episodes.

*Exclusive "Heroes Connections" Bios (All Discs): You can also access a series of text-based character biographies via the U-Control interface. Disengage the PiP Commentaries before viewing the bios.

*The Super Power of Heroes: Hosted by stunt coordinator Tim Gilbert, this techno-infused EPK digs into the stunt work, practical effects, and tone of HEROES super-powered sequences.

*Hero Connections Network: A collection of brief character synopses and photos. They may aid viewers lost in the labyrinth of heroes. and villains.

*Deleted Scenes : The majority of season three's twenty-five episodes boast a generous helping of deleted, extended, and alternate scenes, with the exception of "Eris Quod Sum," "The Eclipse Part 2," "Dual," "A Clear and Present Danger," "Building 26," "Cold Wars," "Shades of Gray," "Cold Snap," "1961," and "An Invisible Thread."

*Completing the Scene: This visual FX featurette explores the development, style, composition, creation, complexity, and implementation of the series computer-generated effects.

*Alternate Stories: Find three web-based mini-series on disc two. "The Recruit" follows a super-soldier who survives a deadly explosion, "Going Postal" focuses on a sonic powerhouse called Echo and "Nowhere Man" includes Puppet master Eric Doyle.

*Pinehearst Commercial: A Pinehearst promo fans will love!

*The Prop Box: Prepare yourself for a glimpse of the artifacts the cast/crew use in Season Three.

*Tim Sale Gallery of Screen Art: A quick montage of Tim Sale artwork set to the series' musical score.

*Genetics of a Scene: Four scenes are dissected: "Exploring Claire's Mind," "Speedster Steals the Formula," "Throwing Thoughts," and "Lights, Camera, Beeman."

*The Writers' Forum: A discussion between executive producer Tim Kring and writers Adam Armus and Aron Eli Coleite about the characters, storylines, and Season Three.

*Building Coyote Sands: Follow the construction of an entire town that was used over the course of several episodes.

*BD-Live Functionality

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Season 8Lions Gate/Unrated /176 min/SRP: $14.98Full Screen, NTSC

Summary:The Green Machine is back with heart-pounding, pizza-munching, right-outta-the-sewer ninja action! The gang’s all here – Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello, and their wise sensei, Splinter – as they battle enemies from our time, and beyond, to protect the citizens of the city they call home, even banishing archenemies, Shredder and Krang, to Dimension X. Discover the intriguing, darker atmosphere and new theme song that defined this groundbreaking season.

Eight radical episodes include: "Get Shredder!" "Wrath of the Rat King," "State of Shock," "Cry H.A.V.O.C.!" "H.A.V.O.C. in the Streets," "Enter: Krakus," "Cyber-Turtles," and "Turtle Trek."

Summary:The iconic theme song was shed in favor of a darker, edgier track that interspersed clips of the new show with clips from, of all things, the first live-action movie in the franchise.

DISNEY NATURE: EARTH (DVD/ Blu-ray)Disney / Buena Vista /2007 /90 min / Two-disc set/Rated G/SRP: $29. 99Actors: James Earl Jones, Patrick Stewart

Video codec: MPEG-4 AVCVideo resolution: 1080pAspect ratio: 1.78:1Original aspect ratio: 1.85:1English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1Subtitles: TBA

Summary:The story of three animal families and their amazing journeys across the planet we all call home. The film combines rare action, unimaginable scale and impossible locations by capturing the most intimate moments of our planet’s wildest and most elusive creatures.