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Braun and Maisel Form Mythos Studios

SB Projects founder and Marvel Studios founding chairman create studio focusing on franchise films, acquire 50 percent stake in Aspen Comics.

Scooter Braun and David Maisel have founded Mythos Studios, which is developing live-action and animated feature projects.

LOS ANGELES -- Scooter Braun, founder of SB Projects, and David Maisel, founding chairman of Marvel Studios, announce a new entertainment joint venture, Mythos Studios.

To launch the new venture Mythos Studios has acquired a 50 percent stake in Aspen Comics, as well as the entertainment rights for the comic book company’s intellectual property, including the iconic artwork, characters, and worlds created by its late founder, Michael Turner. 

Mythos Studios currently has multiple projects in active development, including two based on Aspen Comics. The first is inspired by the top selling comic book of 1998, Michael Turner’s Fathom, which follows super-heroine, Aspen Matthews, a marine biologist who embarks on a journey of self-discovery, above and below sea level, after finding out she has a mysterious background. The second project in development, inspired by one of the top selling independent comic books of 2003, Soulfire, is centered around a time in the future with amazing, advanced technology but one where all magic has been lost. The story follows a boy named Malikai, the chosen one, and a team of supernatural characters on a quest to bring magic back to the world and defeat the forces of evil. 

“David’s experience of building some of the greatest franchises in film history during his tenure as founding chairman at Marvel Studios is invaluable and I’m excited to be partnering with him on this new venture” said Braun. “We have some incredible projects in the works and I’m excited to help bring David’s brilliant vision for these properties to the world.”

“Scooter is already a legend as a pop culture engineer and master marketer to global audiences. I can think of no more perfect partner to bring the next generation of franchise entertainment to the world,” said Maisel. “He is also a longtime personal friend, and we are already having a blast working together in bringing these amazing properties to life. Our combined experiences across film, TV, music, and Broadway make our playing field for future projects so exciting”. 

Mythos Studios will be based out of Los Angeles and helmed by Braun and Maisel with longtime SB Projects COO Scott Manson, who will be joined by a team of production and creative executives. Catherine Winder, the acclaimed animation producer, will be re-teaming with Maisel after their success together on The Angry Birds Movie.

The Fathom and Soulfire projects are in active development and the venture is exploring distribution and production financing partners. Future projects in the pipeline include live action and animation both from original and acquired IP. 

Source: Mythos Studios

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