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Brands Old And New For 4Kids At Licensing Expo 2008

At Licensing Expo 2008, 4Kids will capitalize on its role as a global leader and look to develop extensive licensing programs for both its all-new, unique multi-platform properties as well as for its well-received favorites. 4Kids highlights will include:

A focused licensing and merchandising program for the Chaotic Trading Card Game, the first multi-platform, collectible trading card game that is quickly become a major sensation both at retail and online;

An expanded licensing program for Cabbage Patch Kids, commemorating its 25th Anniversary in 2008 with the release of a commemorative 'Kid';

A "Shell-abration" of the iconic TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, marking their 25th year in 2009 with an ambitious, multi-faceted, multi-experiential nationwide schedule of activities;

Expanded licensing initiatives for the American Kennel Club, the Cat Fanciers Association, both nominated for LIMA Best Corporate Brand Programs of the Year honors;

The roll-out of the newest entry in the YU-GI-OH! franchise;

DINOSAUR KING, the prehistoric powerhouse with the combined force of SEGA and 4Kids;

"Break"-thru hit VIVA PINATA, a groundbreaking multi-platform property developed alongside Microsoft;

And expanded licensing initiatives for the family favorite MONSTER JAM and the upcoming preschool property (and PBS series) JIM HENSON'S PAJANIMALS.


The Chaotic Trading Card Game is the revolutionary new collectible trading card game that takes TCGs to the next level with the addition of an integrated online game experience for double the gameplay value. Players can battle opponents in person or upload each card's unique alphanumeric code to battle and trade online at (included free with the purchase of cards). Virtually no two Chaotic Creature Cards are exactly alike. Each Creature Card has a unique code and power structure.

Successfully launched in fall 2007 in the United States and Canada, more than 11 million cards have already been uploaded to the web site, and mass retailers, as well as hobby shops, are already re-ordering in record numbers.

Support for CHAOTIC includes a multi-million dollar U.S. and Canadian television advertising campaign, print advertisements in key gamer and male, youth-oriented publications, comprehensive internet campaign, convention presence, and an Organized Play program. Chaotic marks the first time 4Kids, the company behind the POKÉMON and YU-GI-OH! crazes, is directly producing product to be sold at retail. (TC Digital Games, the company creating and producing the Chaotic Trading Card Game, is a subsidiary of 4Kids Entertainment).

CHAOTIC is also an animated television series broadcast on weekends on 4Kids TV (FOX), as well as Jetix, in both the U.S. and Latin America. The show airs on Teletoons in Canada. In addition, new episodes are currently in production and will premiere this fall on The CW.

4Kids will look to further develop the property's existing licensing program in 2008, focusing on such key categories as publishing, consumer electronics, computer and mobile accessories, collector figures and novelty products.


It's been 25 years since the Cabbage Patch Kid craze swept the nation. More than 115 million 'Kids have been adopted to date, making Cabbage Patch Kids one of the most recognizable brands in today's market.

To celebrate this milestone, the original kid is coming back to store shelves. A special limited edition commemorative 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid will arrive at retailers nationwide this fall. The Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids will bring back the magic of the original 1983 'Kids by replicating their vintage fashions, hairstyles and facial expressions. Even the original hand-sculpted waxes and exact shoe molds from the 1980s were used to add authenticity. These 'Kids will only be available for a limited time.

The launch of the Anniversary Kid will be supported by a "one-of-a-kind" layered multi-million dollar campaign including an online consumer promotion and sweepstakes with a top entertainment magazine that invites consumers to share their Cabbage Patch Kid Memories.


The TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES are pop culture icons and have secured their place as one of the most successful licensing brands in history. Selling $2 billion in products at retail, spawning four theatrical releases with close to $1 billion in box office and DVD revenue, these pizza-loving, crime-fighting turtles continue to make history.

The famous heroes-in-a-half shell continue to take the world by storm, gearing up for their 25th anniversary in 2009. 4Kids will support this milestone with a multimillion dollar marketing campaign and licensing program that continues to be strong. Following the successful movie video game, Ubisoft will be releasing a new TMNT game on the ever-popular Wii platform in 2009. Toys from Playmates, including Mini-Mutants, continue to sell well, along with other licensed merchandise from Giant, Kids Headquarters, Kidstreet, Disguise, Hallmark, and Decopac.

4Kids is expanding their TMNT retro line for young adults as well. In addition to the already top-selling tees from Giant, 4Kids Entertainment has recently signed on several new licensees for accessories (Bioworld), mobile content (uclick) and loungewear (Briefly Stated). Inspired by the merchandise lines' widespread success, the company will now look to continue the TMNT momentum by adding new licensees across categories including amusement and vending, accessories, seasonal items and more.

The Turtles also plan to celebrate their 25th year with a "Cowabunga!" and a new series, TMNT: BACK TO THE SEWERS in fall 2008. The Turtles return to NYC, Splinter is trapped in a cyber world and their arch-nemesis the Shredder is back. TMNT continues to be a top viewed show on 4Kids TV and 4Kids On-Demand.

Monster Jam

Monster Jam fans start your engines for an action packed event that blows the roof off traditional motor sports. Monster Jam, produced and operated by Live Nation, is the largest touring monster truck property in the world. The 2008 Monster Jam season is on track to surpass the record-setting 2007 season, with more than four million Monster Jam fans in attendance at stadium and arena events in the U.S., Canada and Europe. The Monsters will also be infiltrating Latin America for the first time in 2008, with the first Monster Jam show in Costa Rica. Monster Jam will also rev up for its fifth season on the SPEED channel and a one-hour special on CBS on April 27.

The licensing program continues to expand with 25 licensees across multiple categories led by the highly successful Monster Jam toy line by Mattel. MONSTER JAM the video game, produced and published by Activision, has been a hit with gamers and sparked the launch of the sequel this holiday season.


When the son of a world-famous paleontologist along with his friends finds some mysterious dinosaur cards and a stone slate, he discovers he has the power to bring dinosaurs to life. In fact, whoever controls the cards controls the dinosaurs. Our heroes in the making must ensure the cards, now scattered all over the world, don't fall into the wrong hands.

The DINOSAUR KING animated series was successfully launched in September 2007 on 4Kids TV (Fox) and has been a key driver for the brand. 4Kids is planning to roll out a Trading Card Game with Upper Deck in time for holiday 2008, a video game with Sega in August, and a DVD in October. They will debut a line of DINOSAUR KING toys from Playmates in Spring 2009.


With more than five years of brand awareness YU-GI-OH! continues to enthuse boys around the world. More than six million boys ages 6-8 play or collect YU-GI-OH! trading cards in the U.S. alone and worldwide nearly 16 billion trading cards have been sold. YU-GI-OH! continues its broadcast presence with season three of YU-GI-OH! GX, which debuted on Cartoon Network in April 2007, while the original YU-GI-OH! series airs on 4Kids TV (Fox affiliates nationwide). Boys everywhere have grown up with YU-GI-OH!, with a whole new crop of kids relating to the dueling action and team work messaging of the series story arcs. It's always "Time to Duel," just ask the millions of boys everywhere who simply can't get enough.


JIM HENSON'S PAJANIMALS are soft, cuddly plush characters making their TV debut on Sprout in the 2008-2009 season. Combining songs and storylines that feature the characters as they go through their nightly bedtime routines, these Jim Henson puppets are sure to make moms, dads and young children smile, laugh and sing along. The PAJANIMALS bedtime antics will touch a chord with parents and children alike who will relate to the tales that they tell. Tied to debut of PAJANIMALS, 4Kids Entertainment will be developing a full licensing program with key partners in toys, apparel, publishing, party goods, stationery and more.


Created by world renowned video game developer Rare Ltd., VIVA PINATA is a high energy, mass appeal entertainment property brought to life by Microsoft Game Studios and 4Kids Entertainment.

First introduced in September 2006, the action-packed 3D animated series VIVA PINATA, produced by 4Kids Entertainment and Bardel Entertainment, follows the (mis)adventures of 60 different pinata species or "animbassadors" who dream of leaving Pinata Island to entertain blindfolded partygoers everywhere. Thanks to its unique premise and captivating, original animation, the colorful characters of Pinata Island are entertaining audiences around the world. VIVA PINATA currently airs on 4Kids TV in the U.S. and on YTV in Canada, and will be airing in over 20 international markets in 2008. Fans can also watch VIVA PINATA TV episodes 24/7 on, 4Kids TV VOD channel on Comcast and Cox On Demand, and Xbox Live Marketplace, a subscription-based online gaming service with more than seven million subscribers.

Microsoft continues to expand the VIVA PINATA video game library, including VIVA PINATA, and VIVA PINATA Party