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BOXX Solutions with New Windows 7 Offer Real Benefits for Digital Artists

Press Release from BOXX Technologies

AUSTIN, TEXAS, October 21, 2009—BOXX Technologies, an innovator in high-performance computing systems for visual effects, post production, graphic design, and advanced visualization, today announced that, beginning October 22, 2009, BOXX workstations will be available with the new Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. Featuring multiple improvements suggested by actual users, Windows 7 directly benefits digital artists who rely on professional 3D/2D and motion graphics design applications.

“Windows 7 represents a dramatic leap forward from previous versions, offering real advantages to creative professionals who rely on our high-performance workstations,” said Shoaib Mohammad, Director of Marketing and Business Development at BOXX. “And throughout the transition to Windows 7, BOXX customers can also rely on our legendary tech support for expert assistance.”

Windows 7 offers virtually universal compatibility with existing applications and hardware, and provides support for the high-performance features found in BOXX workstations. It helps hardware reach its full performance potential, resulting in better productivity for digital artists and designers. Improved memory management enhances multitasking capabilities and improves system interactivity when working with large scenes, projects, and data sets, while improved multitasking and thread management keep artists and designers more productive when working with multiple, simultaneous scenes, projects, and files. Improved file search and launch functionality allow users to locate and open files (and projects) quickly across local network and 3DBOXXstorage locations, and optimized functionality for new high-performance storage helps to maintain maximum health and performance of SSD hard drives for long-term reliability and performance.

Windows 7 will be available with all BOXX workstations, including the 3DBOXX 4850 Extreme (the fastest Intel Core i7 based workstation on the market), 3DBOXX 8500 (featuring Intel Xeon processor options resulting in 16 virtual cores for multitasking), and GoBOXX (the industry’s fastest mobile workstation), which allows digital artists to create outside of studio confines without sacrificing professional workstation performance.

About BOXX Technologies

BOXX Technologies produces high-performance solutions that empower digital artists to create at the speed of thought. Since 1998, we’ve provided state-of-the-art workstations and render farms for media and entertainment, architecture, research, and defense. BOXX is located in Austin, Texas, with devoted customers worldwide.