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BOXX Offers Softimage|XSI 4.0 Foundation and Essentials

BOXX Technologies has entered an agreement with Avid to offer Softimage|XSI Foundation and Essentials software as an optional upgrade for it series of award-winning workstations.

We are excited to be offering Softimage XSI Foundation and Essentials as add-on software for our workstations, says Ed Caracappa, director of sales and marketing at BOXX. By giving our customers the flexibility to add powerful software programs such as Softimage|XSI to their BOXX workstations, we help streamline and simplify the out of the box buying experience for our customers.

SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Foundation includes extensive polygon modeling tools, industry-leading Subdivision Surfaces, and a nonlinear animation and interactive rendering toolset. SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.4.0 Essentials is a customizable professional-grade package with all the flexibility and customization for an integrated pipeline environment, including Rigid & Soft Body Dynamics, advanced character rig systems and SDK and a Custom Display Host.

BOXX workstations deliver the performance and reliability digital content creators expect and are ideal for anything from animation, game development and CAD to DV, SD and HD. Available in single-or dual-processor configurations featuring the latest AMD Athlon and Opteron processors and Intel Pentium 4 and Xeon processors.

With single-processor systems targeting the price-conscious customer to dual-processor machines that offer the ultimate in performance for compute-intensive applications, BOXX workstations offer the capability for massive storage expansion with assemblies that offer six, eight or 12 internal hard drives for up to 3TB of internal storage all in a compact, custom-designed chassis.

Softimage|XSI Foundation is priced at $495 and Essentials is offered at $1,995. Both are currently available for purchase with any BOXX workstation.

BOXX Technologies (, headquartered in Austin, TX, delivers technology to the innovators in the digital media community with high-performance, flexible workstations and turnkey solutions that enhance creativity and fuel innovation. The BOXX series of high-end workstations are used extensively throughout the 3D, visual effects, animation, broadcast, post-production, digital video and film and HD communities.

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Bill Desowitz, former editor of VFXWorld, is currently the Crafts Editor of IndieWire.