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Box Office Rebounds

Three new releases helped the weekend box office rebound from the poor performance of the past few weeks. Box office receipts were up 52% this weekend with the three debut films taking the top three spots on the chart. The fashion-world parody ZOOLANDER took second place with $15.7M in its debut weekend. ZOOLANDER is the first film to be released that has digitally removed the World Trade Center from the skyline of downtown New York. Other films set in New York, such as the romantic comedy SEPRENDIPTY debuting October 5, have edited out the fleeting shots of the buildings and upcoming features MEN IN BLACK 2 and TIME MACHINE have reshot scenes that featured the Twin Towers. RUSH HOUR 2, with primary visual effects by Cinesite, shows no signs of stopping, falling just one place to sixth with $2.7M, bringing its gross to $219.4M. The swashbuckling actioner THE MUSKETEER, with primary visual effects by Das Werk, dropped five spots to number nine scraping up $1.7 for $25.5 total date. The thriller JEEPERS CREEPERS, with primary visual effects by E=MC2 and Max Ink Cafe LLC, dropped out of the top ten earning $1.4M for $35.8M and twelfth place.

Go behind the scenes of JEEPERS CREEPERS with the effects team at E=MC2.