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boujou bullet PXC Announced

Pixel Corps, the global guild for aspiring and professional digital craftsman, and 2d3, a leading developer of professional 3D camera matchmoving software, announced boujou bullet PXC, a limited version of boujou bullet 2. With a scaled down image support function, boujou bullet PXC includes many of the same helpful features found in boujou bullet 2, including automated tracking, matchmoving and a comprehensive wizard-based help.

This is an unbeatable offer for amateur filmmakers, students, schools or anyone interested in adding the art of matchmoving to their skill set, commented Alex Lindsay, founder and chief architect for Pixel Corps. boujou bullet PXC is extremely easy to use literally four clicks and hit okay. This ease of use combined with the affordable pricing and informative guidance from the Pixel Corps, will allow users to track their shots easily without crushing their wallets.

Priced at $2,500, boujou bullet 2, the base product for boujou bullet PXC, is a fully automated camera calibration and tracking system. Using advanced adaptive algorithms developed from vision science research, the application removes previous limitations on what is achievable in effects production by allowing 3D professionals to derive complex camera tracks and calibration data from film and video material automatically without the need for manual tracking input.

The Pixel Corps is an excellent resource for artists working in todays competitive and fast paced digital media marketplace," added Steve Hill, product manager for 2d3. "Combining the Pixel Corps training, real-world production experience and member support with the automation and functionality, boujou bullet PXC makes it possible for anyone to master the process of matchmoving."

boujou bullet PXC is based on the new boujou bullet 2 tracking technology; however, the image size is limited to standard definition and does not allow users to track anything higher than 800x600. It is compatible with Autodesk Maya, NewTek LightWave, MAXON CINEMA 4D, Autodesk 3ds Max, SOFTIMAGE|XSI, Adobe After Effects and Apple Shake and supports Beta, DV and PAL formats. boujou bullet PXC does not include modules for Autodesk Flint and Autodesk Flame. The PC version of boujou bullet PXC is available without a dongle, and dongle keys are available for the Mac version.

Available now through the Pixel Corps website (, boujou bullet PXC is priced at $399 and includes a free three-month membership ($200 value) to the Pixel Corps, which provides its members with nearly 100 hours of visual effects training and access to a growing network of content creators. boujou bullet PXC runs on Windows and Apple Mac OS X on standard PC hardware. All technical support will be offered through the Pixel Corps.

Pixel Corps ( is the global industry guild for the next generation of digital craftsmen. Devised to create a global production community capable of generating content around the world, Pixel Corps offers production training designed to create production artists. Pixel Corps is preparing artists for the next media revolution by blending extensive training, access to the industrys most advanced applications, real-world challenges and community participation unlike anything else available. Founded in 2002 by industry veteran Alex Lindsay, Pixel Corps has grown to more than 1,500 members in more than 35 countries.

2d3 Ltd. ( is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OMG plc together with Vicon Peak, developers of the world's most advanced motion capture systems, and winner of the Queen's Award for International Trade. OMG provides image understanding solutions for the life science, entertainment and engineering markets.

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