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Boris FX Launches Continuum 2024.5 VFX Plugin Update

New release includes advanced AI Tools for VFX artists and content creators including time warps, automatic face detection, a new colorize effect, Particle Illusion updates, and faster speeds.

Boris FX has announced the addition of its AI-driven capabilities in the 2024.5 release of its visual effects plugin, Continuum. The collection, a comprehensive toolkit for post-production software, now includes four ML-based effects.

“With this release, Boris FX doubles down on its ML strategy first introduced with the 2024 releases last year,” said Boris FX president and founder Boris Yamnitsky. “We’re excited to build upon Continuum’s AI technology with two new internally developed machine learning tools and significant improvement on the existing denoising models.”

“Artists tasked with slow (or fast) motion time warps on action sequences or sports promos will effortlessly create smooth crystal-clear motion with Continuum’s new BCC+ Retimer ML effect,” added Yamnitsky. “Additionally, unscripted series, newscasts, and documentary editors will save hours of work thanks to BCC+ Witness Protection ML. This innovative tool instantly finds multiple faces in a shot and makes hiding a person’s identity as easy as one click.”

Check out what’s new in Continuum 2024.5

Machine Learning Tools

  • BCC+ Retimer ML produces fast quality images with state-of-the-art ML models. The internal ML tech delivers smooth motion, it also includes options to ramp up or slow down speed changes.
  • BCC+ Witness Protection ML automatically identifies and isolates human faces in a scene. The useful AI-powered tool features four ways to hide an identity: Blur, Mosaic, Brightness/Contrast, and Tint. Users can mix options and create a custom obscured look.
  • Continuum’s first ML-powered tool, BCC+ Denoiser ML, gets a boost with newly trained models that result in 2x faster render performances, and more types of footage covered.

Creative Effects

  • Continuum 2024.5 strengthens its plugin collection with eight new effects, updates to its fast 2D/3D particle generator, faster playback in the FX Editor, and a host-side compare option when applying BCC+ effects.
  • BCC+ Color Link allows motion graphics artists, compositors, and editors to add grades to clips by applying color from one layer and linking it to another. Users can choose 32-bit dynamic or static frame-by-frame color sampling. It also includes multiple blend modes and built-in glow and color correction tools.

The Key & Blend category adds BCC+ Edge Cleaner, BCC+ Light Wrap, BCC+ Linear Luma Key, and BCC+ Spill Remover to make green screen clean-up easier. The Stylize category adds BCC+ Mosaic, the Transitions category adds BCC+ Mosaic Dissolve, and BCC+ Polar joins the Warp category.

Particle Illusion gives users more artistic control with new position path presets, the ability to replace an emitter after creating a complex animation, and a parameter search function.

Pricing information is available here.

Source: Boris FX

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