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Boondocks Episodes Pulled from Adult Swim

Cartoon Network's Adult Swim has pulled two upcoming episodes of THE BOONDOCKS from its schedule, reports AD AGE. Recently, the two episodes appeared on YouTube, making some wonder whether the move to yank the episodes was done over content concerns or as part of a viral marketing plan.

Aaron McGruder, who created the show and the comic strip on which the show was based, has long been critical of BET, and in the two yanked episodes he turns his satirical eye toward BET execs. In the episodes, the show's protagonist Huey goes on a hunger strike in an effort to force top BET execs to commit Japanese-style ritual suicide to atone for "their destruction of the black people." BET CEO Debra Lee is portrayed as Dr. Evil-like Debra Lee-vil, while her lieutenant, based on BET Entertainment president and BOONDOCKS exec producer Reggie Hudlin, plans to expand the network's original lineup by only producing MTV retreads cast with black people.

AD AGE did not hear back on the matter from McGruder, Hudlin, Lee or Cartoon Network Chief Content Officer Bob Sorcher. However, Cartoon Network spokesman, James Anderson, wrote to the trade pub stating, "The two episodes you were asking about are not scheduled to air on Adult Swim. We really have no further comment but you should know that neither Turner nor Adult Swim were contacted by BET, Ms. Lee or Mr. Hudlin."

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