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Bodega Adds IAMSTATIC To Animation Roster

Toronto-based studio has done award-winning work in commercials, film, television and digital content.

Partners and directors Dave Greene and Ron Gervais have tapped Bodega to represent their Toronto-based studio IAMSTATIC in the United States.

NEW YORK -- The recently launched animation division of New York and San Francisco-based content creation studio Bodega has added Toronto-based animation shop IAMSTATIC to their roster for U.S. animation projects.

IAMSTATIC, which is led by partners and directors Ron Gervais and Dave Green, directs, designs and produces award-winning projects for commercial, film, television and immersive/digital content.

Bodega will represent IAMSTATIC’s diverse design-driven animation talent in the U.S. market.

The animation boutique has lent their talents to projects for such top brands as Target, Mazda, Etsy and BMW.

It has also worked on noteworthy opening title sequences for major films and television series including Guillermo del Toro’s gothic romance film Crimson Peak for Legendary Pictures, the Netflix/Discovery original Frontier, CTV’s popular drama series Flashpoint and the HBO comedy series Less Than Kind. Most recently, IAMSTATIC worked on an ambitious stunt film for BMW out of Canadian independent agency Cundari.

IAMSTATIC was founded in 1999 as an art and design collective. After attending the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Gervais and Greene teamed up, diving into the “wild west” of motion graphics and programmatic art and steadily building an online presence for their work. Over time, the collective garnered attention for their digital work and quickly gained traction with film, television, commercial and digital clients. They have continued to grow their team of directors, designers, animators and illustrators to expand their creative offerings and continually shift with the ever-changing media landscape.

Source: Bodega

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