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Blue Zoo’s ‘Peace of Mind’ Now Available on Oculus Quest & Rift

The immersive VR short film, made completely in Quill, takes the viewer on a zany voyage through the protagonist’s dream that ranges from absurd to surreal.

Blue Zoo has released a new VR short film made completely in Quill. Peace of Mind, produced in partnership with Oculus, is now available on the Oculus Quest & Rift. In this zany and surreal “live dream interpretation experience,” the viewer sees the protagonist’s recurring dream laid out before their eyes - but not exactly as expected.

Starting in a virtual waiting room, a hurried voiceover is heard welcoming the protagonist, Mr. Burridge, ostensibly to aid him in making sense of his nightly dream. However, the voiceover seems more bureaucratic than helpful, and what follows is an off-the-wall version of his dream.

With distinct environment and character design, Peace of Mind puts the viewer in first person perspective as they experience the surprising nature of Mr. Burridge’s dream interpretation. Director Ben Steer worked with the creative team behind Blue Zoo’s VR short, The Beast, to capture this unique story, which begins absurd and verges into nightmarish.

“As my directorial debut in VR, Peace of Mind presented a truly exciting and unique challenge,” shared Steer. “Throughout the production, I was extremely fortunate to be surrounded by an exceptionally talented team, both here at Blue Zoo and at Quill, all of whom helped create this colorful and humorous Quill experience.''

“We’re delighted that Blue Zoo is releasing another film made entirely in Quill,” commented Blue Zoo creative director Damian Hook. “Especially as Peace of Mind showcases how the VR storytelling tools can be applied in such different contexts with comparison to our last film, The Beast. We had a lot of fun making this and hope everyone gets a chance to view it soon.”

Source: Blue Zoo