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Blue Table Post and Chroma VFX Form Creative Alliance

Partnership allows companies to provide a one-stop shop for visual effects, color, sound, and editorial talent.

Blue Table Post and Chroma VFX have formed a creative alliance for collaboration on select film, episodic, and branded content projects, promising to provide a seamless client experience for crafting work for screens of all sizes.

“Adding visual effects to Blue Table’s offerings of editorial, color, and sound has long been something I have been eager to do - but was all about finding the right fit,” shared Blue Table Post founder/editor Oliver Lief. “Chroma’s work is incredible, and they are an essential addition to our creative community - quality people whose passion for their craft and work is evident in everything they do. We are excited to bring clients together for in-person collaborations with VFX, color, sound, and editorial talent all in one place.”

“As independent entities, we can partner in a complementary way that expands what we offer to clients for the benefit and integrity of each project,” noted Chroma EP Andrew Hamill. “There are so many synergies between us, and this collaboration expands our creative reach in both long-form and advertising.”

Warren Paleos founded Chroma VFX alongside Andrew Hammil. Having produced content for agencies and brands, including Nike, Apple, and the Emmy-winning project SNF, Paleos previously served as creative director at Method Studios and head of Flame at Smoke & Mirrors. He has also held art-centric roles as a VFX Supervisor at MPC, Psyop, and Mass Market and is a noted street artist. His directorial credits include Don’t Look Away, a 2019 award-winning CG spot for gun control.

Hamill began his career at Mass Market over a decade ago, and worked at studios including The Mill, Framestore, and Method Studios before partnering with Paleos on Chroma’s launch. His project experience includes commercials, features, and immersive and cross-disciplines from color to design and edit to animation.

“One of our key priorities is to dedicate the time and attention needed for each project to be everything it can be and more, while also supporting the artists who are bringing it to life,” commented Paleos. “In meeting Oliver and Blue Table Post - which, like Chroma, is an artist-led company - it was clear that he also puts this ideal into practice. That was very important to me when we forged this collaboration. The fact that he and I are both Emmy award-winning artists speaks to the quality of work that both companies seek to deliver.”

“Doing great work and supporting artists go hand-in-hand and feed each other,” agreed Lief. “It’s putting what we love to do at the forefront in each endeavor. Collaborating with Chroma is an exciting next step for all of these reasons and more.”

Source: Blue Table Post

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.