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‘Blippi Wonders’ Now Playing on YouTube

Debuting today, Moonbug’s new 3D animated series follows the contagiously curious character embarking on fun and funny adventures in his Blippimobile; the educational show inspires kids to learn through discovery and play.

Moonbug Entertainment Ltd. has created a new 3D animated show, Blippi Wonders, which follows the contagiously curious character, Blippi, on adventures that inspire learning through discovery and play. The new program debuts today on YouTube, with a new 3-minute episode airing each Tuesday.

Blippi Wonders captures the spirit of our live-action program while allowing Blippi to take adventures he could never go on before,” noted Katelynn Heil, general manager of Blippi at Moonbug Entertainment. “This program promotes the themes important to early child development: curiosity, adventure, friendship, inclusion and independence. We cannot wait for families to watch Blippi in this new format.”

The new CG cartoon features Blippi and his comedic and fun adventures in the BlippiMobile. He’s joined by his new, faithful sidekicks Tabbs and Fetch, who help him find answers to his questions about the world, while making new friends along the way.

Blippi started as an online live-action, educational children’s show for kids ages 2-5. Since its creation the character has become one of the world’s most popular preschool entertainers. According to Moonbug Entertainment, Blippi garners more than one billion views per month on YouTube and has over 30 million dedicated followers. Content is available in eight different languages and on a range of streaming platforms, including HBO Max LatAm; Spacetoons; Hulu; Amazon Kids Plus; Peacock; Virgin Media; Roku; FutureToday; Kidoodle; and Sky Kids.

Source: Moonbug Entertainment Ltd.