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Blinkink Creates Colorful Trip Through Nature in 2D Nestle Spot

Director Alex Grigg takes viewers through a fluid, vibrant and unpredictable world capturing expressions of nature and life while communicating the essence of the client’s sustainable and environmentally friendly new product line.

London-based animation studio Blinkink’s director, Alex Grigg takes you on a trip through nature in this seamless 2D animated Nestle’s NatureNes commercial for BBH. The new range of products aims to promote sustainability and support the environment through zero emission production. Grigg’s illustration of flora and fauna references the positive environmental impact of consuming organic products, with the message that we can “make a difference” simply from our homes. The ad begins and ends by showing the happiness and nutrition NatureNes baby food brings to a child and the planet

Nature is captured through the fluidity of animation in a world of vibrancy and unpredictable turns. Reminiscent of vintage Disney, the images takes the viewer through nature with the use of fantastical seamless camera motion soaring above waves of land, breaking through walls of forest and diving into deep blue waters all while still capturing the detail of every motion and expression of life.


Director - Alex Grigg; Producer - John Woolley; Executive Producer - Bart Yates; Production Manager - Isobel Stenhouse; Production Coordinator - Macarena Gaset; Designer - Sebastian Iglesias; Designer - Daniel Tarrant; Designer - Catriona Drummond; Lead Animator - Bishoy Gendi; Animator - Peter Dodd; Animator - Tim Dilnutt; Animator - Yino Huan, Animator - Ludivine Berthouloux; Assistant Animator - Jessica Laslau; Assistant Animator - Jocelyn Fenton; Assistant Animator - Ryan Fairbanks; Assistant Animator - Eleonora Quario; Assistant Animator - Wayne Maslin; Assistant Animator - Alison Oxborrow; Editor - Will Barnett; Compositor - Simone Ghilardotti;  Compositor - Daniele Baiardini


Creative Director - Kimberly Gill; Copywriter - Olivia Shortland; Art Director - Stephanie Flynn; Producer - Jemima Bowers

Source: Blinkink