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Blacklist & Tendril Take Intergalactic Inspiration for Nike

Creative studio Tendril collaborates with production company Blacklist on a new campaign for the Nike LunarEpic athletic shoe.

NEW YORK -- Blacklist has announced that they have collaborated with Nike, bringing their relationship to the next level with the launch of the latest Nike LunarEpic athletic shoe campaign. The campaign’s is anchored by a gorgeously rendered film, directed by creative studio Tendril with the backing of an international team of talented artists. This hero spot sees the shoe’s organic shapes and structure materialize across space and time, setting down and leaving its signature print in the dust of a far off planet. The campaign then extends into our humble Earth world, playing on giant screens in NikeTown stores around the globe, as well as heavy rotation on Nike’s social channels, where the shoe was teased in mysterious short clips before its final epic reveal at Nike’s flagship NYC store.

To achieve the distinctly otherworldly look of the film, Tendril imagined the spot itself as a transmission received from deep space, a rare chance to look on as something truly new materializes from the elements before our eyes. Set in an alien landscape inspired in part by the visually stunning Pariah canyon, Blacklist and Tendril together assembled a global network of design and animation specialists to focus on each aspect of the film, which in turn were each focused on a different feature of the LunarEpic’s unique design. In the end, viewers are not only mesmerized by the journey and the transformation that takes place, but are compelled to recognize the distinct features that make the LunarEpic so remarkable.

The final film was featured in New York, Berlin, London, Portland, and Tokyo.

Source: Blacklist