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Black Logic Wins Big Wisconsin Lottery

BLACK LOGIC wins big with new visual effects commercial for the Wisconsin Lottery. The spot highlights the new, a cutting-edge on-line game from the Wisconsin Lottery. Black Logic's Michel Suissa directed the ad. The fast paced spot begins with the declaration, "We have seen the future, and it's digital." The colorful spot bursts with floating digits and 3D animation and promises "a whole new way to play the numbers." Suissa said, "The challenge was to appeal to a younger audience, while remaining coherent and relevant. It's an exciting spot visually, as much about defining an image and attitude for the Wisconsin Lottery as it is in explaining Lucky5. We wanted to present lottery as fun and exciting. What I really liked was putting the fun back into the mix. You win, you don't win, so what? It's still fun! That's what we were trying to convey." The commercial was produced for Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based ad agency Hoffman York.

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