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Black Logic Takes Five For Nasdaq

Black Logic has wrapped on a new five spot campaign for the Nasdaq Stock Exchange: "Qualcomm" uses the modem port on a laptop computer as the entrance to a visual world of digital communications; "Immunex" uses transparent CG human forms and brightly colored double helixes to introduce the world of advanced immunology; "Amazon" portrays that company's familiar Website interface to show how it created online commerce; "Biogen" opens with a group photo of the scientists who broke the human genetic code; and "Yahoo" develops the company's groundbreaking search engines, as a road map through a maze comprised of various images of people from around the globe. "The visual effects phase was intense," admits director Michel Suissa. "It included just about every technique you can imagine: digital compositing in inferno*, bluescreen, greenscreen, graphics, etc. The bulk of the effects work was accomplished by our creative partner, AFCG, which is always a big benefit to our projects. It was challenging, to be sure, but that's great. I love exploring new ideas, and adapting them to make something completely different. You have to be thoroughly prepared, but ultimately, it is often the unpredictable, unexpected little changes that make things so much more interesting. Otherwise, the work can begin to look redundant." The Black Logic team consisted of director Suissa; executive producer Karen Stewart; line producer/AD Paul Middlemiss; visual effects producer Kelley McDermott; visual effects artists Patrick Ferguson, Brian Benson, Alan Neidorf and Lisa Hodge; CGI supervisor Bruce Gionet; CGI artists Julio Soto, Floyd Gillis and Steve Berger; CGI technology director Sebastian Bilbao; effects animator Glenn Harper; and assistant producer Michelle Siedenfrau. The campaign was produced for New York ad agency Messner Vetere Berger McNamee Schmetterer.

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