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Black Logic Kicks With The Rockettes

If you're planning to kick back with the Rockettes this holiday season at

New York City's Radio City Music Hall look forward to a more interactive

show. To be featured in the Christmas Spectacular, Black Logic, a visual

effects, 2D/3D animation and live-action production house, has created a 3D

animated sequence to interact with the Rockettes. A happy "Man in the Moon"

character, based on Georges Melies' A TRIP TO THE MOON, smiles, winks and

blushes as the Rockettes salute him with their famous chorus-line kick. Mr.

Moon also blows snowflakes at the audience as the band plays "Let it Snow,

Let it Snow, Let it Snow." Black Logic's Gavin Guerra worked on the five

month project that was produced by Batwin and Robin of New York. To sync up

the effects with the Rockettes, Guerra supervised a motion-capture session

with Los Angeles-based Elektrashock to create the animated sequence to his

satisfaction. "I've lived in New York 30 years but I'd never seen the

Christmas Spectacular," said Guerra. "Now I've seen it several times, I

must say it's a real thrill to hear the audience reaction when the

animation sequence begins. One rarely gets that kind of response when you

work in advertising. In an instant, the audience validated five months of


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