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Black Ink Becomes First Digital Drawing App to Introduce Brush Shading

Black Ink 0.300 makes new custom brushes easier to modify and create, provides new programming language for complex shader designs.

STE-FOY-LÈS-LYON, France -- Creative software developer Bleank has brought seven new features to digital drawing program Black Ink, including the first shading editor ever created for a digital drawing app. Brushes can now be personalized down to the pixel, opening up an infinite amount of new possibilities in complex brush design.

Black Ink is a digital drawing program that allows artists to create any brush they can imagine. Tweakable at every level, Black Ink's Controller system works at the speed of the GPU and removes the limitation of traditional tools, helping generative artists working on concept art and graphic design projects achieve something that is truly unique.

Brush Shader Language will extend the current customization toolset, offering a more advanced way to build generative brushes. For the first time, artists can program their brushes, controlling how they interact with the canvas with the same level of influence 3D artists have been enjoying for years.

“Some artists want to use sliders, others want to use code,” said David Toyou, lead programmer and co-founder of Bleank. “With Black Ink 0.300, each person will have everything they need to make their brushes as simple or as elaborate as they want.”

Other New Features in Black Ink 0.300:

  • Smudge Effect - The new fastest smudge tool on the market will show no lag on high-resolution images up to 10K.
  • Large Brush Preview - Brush edits can now be previewed in real-time using a new visualization panel.
  • New Brush Manager - Visual thumbnails, search tools, and a flexible design make finding the right brush easier than ever.
  • New Brushes - Over ten new brush types are available including options for pen marks, canvas fills, ink droplets, blobby noise and more.
  • Color parameters - A color wheel and the ability to reverse gradients have been added for enhanced color manipulation.

To see the new features in action, visit the Bleank Vimeo page.

Black Ink 0.300 is currently available for Windows PCs (XP, 7, 8 and 10), and is a free update for all current license holders. New Black Ink licenses can be purchased for $39.99 starting February 9 through February 19 at Bleank’s website or Steam; after that it will revert to its standard price of $59.99. For a free four-hour trial, click here.

Source: Bleank

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