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Black Freighter Director Joins a Reborn Vitamin

Digital media production studio Vitamin has re-launched itself under new leadership and a new creative mandate.

Press Release from Vitamin

CHICAGO - Digital media production studio Vitamin has re-launched itself under new leadership and a new creative mandate. Danny DelPurgatorio, formerly a creative director with Radium/Reel FX, has come on board as Executive Creative Director.  

Danny DelPurgatorio conceives the "new" Vitamin as a hybrid, multidisciplinary studio offering a mix of conceptual, design and production services. The studio, which is affiliated with the Filmworkers group of companies, plans to target advertising and broadcast projects, as well as film titles, music videos and new media content. The company has already begun production on several high profile projects.

"We've brought together an eclectic group of directors, designers, animators and artists who are comfortable working in a variety of disciplines, enjoy the collaborative process and are eager to push into new creative territories," said DelPurgatorio. "Vitamin is built to succeed in a production environment where the lines separating different production techniques, genres and types of media have blurred."

Vitamin's core services include conceptual development, design, live action production, visual effects, motion graphics and animation (2D, 3D and traditional).

According to DelPurgatorio, Vitamin aims to be the type of production studio that ad agencies and broadcast companies are looking for today: a nimble, flexible creative resource that can execute a portion of a project or take it all the way from the concept phase through final delivery. "Clients want to work with companies that can be true creative partners, who can make innovative contributions during the conceptual stages, expand ideas to their creative potential, and deliver maximum production value."

DelPurgatorio served as a creative director at Radium/Reel FX for the past seven years, and his experience spans feature films (the award-winning main title and end crawl for MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM, PAPER MAN), television branding and graphics (MTV, VH1, FUSE TV, HBO, CONVERSATIONS WITH RICKY JAY), commercials (Gatorade, AT&T, Nokia, Pepsi, Southwest Airlines and Subaru) and theme park attractions (Universal Studios).  Additionally, DelPurgatorio directed a 30-minute animated short, TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER for Warner Bros. that was released on DVD and Blu-ray as a tie in to the Zack Snyder film WATCHMAN.

"We are excited to be part of the Chicago creative community," said DelPurgatorio. "There are so many great agencies, broadcast companies and brands located here, as well as a great pool of talent for us to draw on. It's also a great base to reach out to other markets around the country. It's a great place to do great work."

Vitamin is located at 232 East Ohio Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611. For more information, call 312.664.6683 or visit

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