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BKN Studios is established

Kids programming syndicator Bohbot Kids Network (BKN), the fourth US broadcast kids network scheduled to launch August 29, 1999, has acquired Los Angeles-based Epoch Ink Animation (founded by Joe Pearson) to establish BKN Studios. Epoch was founded in 1995 and has since completed original and for-hire animated projects for television, home video, interactive and theatrical distribution. The first projects that will be produced by the new BKN Studios include the original sci-fi action-adventure animated series Roswell Conspiracies, and a network on-air image campaign featuring original BKN mascot characters. Concurrently with the new facility, BKN has appointed veteran animation executive Stephanie Graziano as President of Programming, Production and Network Development to head the fledgling network. Graziano joins BKN from Dreamworks TV Animation where she served as Co-Head of Production since 1996. Epoch founder Joe Pearson will join BKN studios as Executive Producer of BKNs original animated series. Bobhot Entertainment and Media has committed $100 million for program production, viewer marketing and promotion to support the networks launch. BKNs film library will consist of 1,000 episodes by launch date encompassing well-known properties like Sonic the Hedgehog and The Mask. This library will be further augmented by BKNs production and acquisition of original animated series to be produced by the newly formed BKN Studios.