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BKN Int. Launches New Media Division

BKN International AG, a childrens animated production, distribution and marketing company, has launched a new media division, BKN New Media Ltd. The division was established to help BKN better exploit its properties over the Internet. The first venture for the new arm will be the launch of its consumer-based community Website featuring THE ROSWELL CONSPIRACIES. Starting in December through August of next year, BKN New Media will launch Websites dedicated to its various television series such as KONG, CAPERTOWN COPS, JOURNEY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH, THE LOST CONTINENT and THE INVISIBLE PRIVATE EYE. Come September of 2001, the new media division plans to launch, a kids portal where kids can watch archived TV episodes, play multi-player Web-based games and view interactive Webisodes based on BKN properties. "Since games and Internet are rapidly converging, we will develop these two areas on a parallel and complementary fashion," said Bill Sondheim, managing director of BKN New Media. "This will allow us to leverage branding efforts across multiple console and Web-based platforms while simultaneously sharing in development costs. This business model provides cost efficiencies that we expect to deliver positive cash flow in our first year of operations." BKN New Media plans to generate revenue from advertising and sponsorship, e-commerce and a monthly subscription plan for downloads of on-demand TV episodes and online games. The new division also hopes to move its Web-based franchise onto home video and video games.

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