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BIONCLE 2 DVD Opens Up Characters and Environments

Terry Shakespeare and David Molina, co-directors of the BIONICLE 2: LEGENDS OF METRU NUI DVD (Buena Vista Home Ent, $29.99), released Oct. 19, 2004, told AWN about the challenges of the CGI prequel made by Creative Capers in Glendale, California, in association with LEGO, Miramax Films and Create TV & Film Ltd.

We wanted to give this audience a bigger view of the BIONICLE world more environments, larger vistas, explained Molina. The island of BIONICLE 2 is something like Manhattan, with lots of commerce and large buildings. The first film was very intimate, very organic. Metro Nui is more mechanical, so it has a different feel.

BIONICLE 2, therefore, has more highly detailed characters and environments than MASK OF LIGHT in revealing the events that transformed six chosen Matoran villagers into powerful Tao action heroes.

We really concentrated on depth of field with the camera, remarked Shakespeare. The first film had primary colors that were coded to the areas and a younger feel. For BIONICLE 2, we opened it up the palette had to be more sophisticated, more realistic with earth tones, so we desaturated the characters.

Now that the directors were fully immersed in the BIONICLE world, they were free to contribute more to a hybrid film that feels like a feature with one-third of the schedule. Molina said the pipeline and process were in place and that they become faster and more refined on BIONICLE 2.

Our strength is bringing characters to life and not just robots, added Shakespeare.

Bonus DVD materials include:* Making of BIONICLE 2: LEGENDS OF METRU NUI* Metru Nui Explorer access info about the characters and locations in which they live* The Legend Revealed the team behind BIONICLE answers most frequently asked questions

Based in Billund, Denmark, the LEGO Co. ( is a world leader in providing products that stimulate childrens creativity, imagination and learning.

Founded in 2000, Creative TV & Film Ltd. is a privately owned independent production and IP management company headquartered in the U.K. and with offices in the U.S. and Australia.

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