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Bionatics Offers Products to Gusto Games

Bionatics, a leader in plant modeling software solutions, has been embraced by Gusto Games, the recently formed Oxfordshire-based development studio. Gusto has adopted the natFX package as their plant modeling reference tool.

natFX is a 3D plant modeler that allows the user to easily generate stunning 3D vegetation and foliage for games and animation. Integrated into Discreets 3ds max and Alias Maya, it is already used by many of the largest video game development studios. Fast and easy to implement, natFX offers a full package solution for the creation of 3D vegetation including:

* Fast low polygonal modeling* Multiple LOD tree generator* Texture management* Polygonal optimization* Animation skeleton ready

Gusto Games' art director Simon Phillips explains, "Bionatics' natFX tools and technology is invaluable to us here at Gusto. We looked at a number of other options available to us, but Bionatics' extensive library of seeds and powerful hybrid 2D/3D model creation ability allows us to generate a virtually infinite library of trees and shrubs whilst maintaining the quality and tailoring the performance of each plant. natFX give us the ability to eliminate large risks and save huge amounts of man-hours, which is pretty damned important for a new startup team like Gusto.

Fred Gill, managing director of Gusto Games, added, We are really happy with the fantastic results that we have seen already and the fact that natFX gives us a solid starting point.

Hardware and software capacities are increasingly powerful, and Gusto Games wants to take advantage of the extra resources to up the vegetation to a new level in terms of variety, animation functionalities, stylization, seasonal change and growth capabilities. What Gusto also appreciates is that the software has really been tailored for realtime environments.

Bionatics, meanwhile, presented two key innovations at GDC 2004: realtime 3D high definition forest display and procedural plants in realtime animation.

Bionatics ( develops a complete lineup of innovative solutions for the following industries: architecture, video games, 3D animation and the creation of synthetic images for virtual reality. Established in 2000 by Stéphane Gourgout and Michel Murail, Bionatics was born from the scientific research lead by CIRAD, which brought to life the AMAP technology. The AMAP plant modeling technology, known throughout the international scientific community, is the central technology behind its software.

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Bill Desowitz, former editor of VFXWorld, is currently the Crafts Editor of IndieWire.