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BIG TEASE: Potential Lucasfilm and Studio Ghibli Collaboration in the Works

While neither camp has officially commented, the beloved Japanese animation studio Tweeted a video of the Lucasfilm logo, followed by the Studio Ghibli logo, hinting at a future project.

Are we about to get the best collaboration of all time? In an extremely mysterious post from the official Studio Ghibli Twitter account, a 15-second video rolls a clip of the Lucasfilm logo, followed by the Studio Ghibli logo. The Force and My Neighbor Totoro? We’d watch that!

Lucasfilm has yet to post any corresponding hints on social media, so for the time being, Ghibli’s move is one big question mark. However, while neither studio is making additional comments, the Star Wars official account did retweet the post. Sneaky, sneaky!

While many are trying to figure out how such drastically different styles could merge, a potential collaboration would be for the infamous Japanese animation house to provide visuals for another Star Wars: Visions style project. Something is brewing, and we are here for it.

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