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Big Block Adds Jonathan Zames to Directorial Roster

Cinematographer-turned-director has worked on award-winning campaigns for brands including Google, Apple, Samsung, Tide and Gillette.

LOS ANGELES -- Design and production company Big Block has announced the addition of director Jonathan Zames to their growing roster of talent. Previously with Caviar, Zames’ wide-ranging and versatile background makes him an invaluable addition to the company. Zames is not only a cinematographer turned prize-winning director, but a comedy writer and seasoned creative director as well. Zames served as a lead creative for Google where he oversaw film/video creative for many of Google's web campaigns, and worked as part of an interactive multimedia team leading special projects.

His spots for Google Play gave Zames the opportunity to combine his comedic instincts with a more stylized photographic sensibility, a winning combination that he is now well known for, and which has helped brands to stand out time and time again. In addition to his extensive work for Google, Zames has also shot campaigns for major brands including Apple, Samsung, Tide, and Gillette.

As a filmmaker, Zames brings an eye for art direction and installation to his work. The combination of an experimental, visual art-world aesthetic with a comedic, slightly tongue in cheek undercurrent both sets Zames’ work apart and feels particularly of the moment.

“Jonathan accomplishes this totally unexpected and extremely clever marriage of art direction and humor,” commentd Big Block Managing Director Kenny Solomon. “You get the sense that these spots are made by a singular talent, and you feel really in on it when you experience them. There is something about that combination that is just so effective.”

Last year, Zames worked with Google to give Veterans with disabilities and those unable to travel their first virtual reality experience. Using Google Cardboard and YouTube 360, Veterans across the country could feel the cheers of the crowd as they virtually marched in the nation’s largest Veteran’s Day parade. Zames is looking forward to pursuing storytelling further within the VR space at Big Block.

“I talked to a lot of companies,” Zames said about his recent hire, “But I felt that Big Block had the most energy and forward momentum, like everything is just about to take off. Big Block feels like an exciting place to be right now. It feels like the start of something different.”

Source: Big Block

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