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Bibi Is Big In Berlin

Bibi Blocksberg is one of Germany's most popular and enduring characters. The story of the mischievous little witch has been adapted to a radio play and an animated series, which currently airs in Germany on ZDF. The 14-part series and an animated Christmas special has also been sold to other countries, and pre-production has begun on new episodes at Berlin-based KIDDINX Studios. Bibi has also gained fame in a live-action feature film, which premiered in Germany on September 26, 2002 and has since been seen by over 2 million people, making it Germany's most successful film of 2002. Elfie Donnelly, who created the famous child character, also scripted the film. On January 18, 2003, the films producers, Karl Blatz and Uschi Reich, were honored with the producers award at the Bavarian Film Awards. KIDDINX is a producer and distributor of kids' entertainment properties. In addition to BIBI BLOCKSBERG, the company owns the rights to BENJAMIN THE ELEPHANT, a character that is recognized by 98% of all children in German speaking countries. The animated series BENJAMIN THE ELEPHANT currently airs in Germany on Fox Kids and the Super RTL network.