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BFX Comes to Bournemouth

The International VFX Hub announces BFX, the first annual festival celebrating British talent and creativity in animation and visual effects.

The first BFX festival will take place in Bournemouth next summer celebrating British talent and creativity in animation and visual effects. At the heart of the festival will be a competition for visual effects students from around the country and the winning students will win an internship at a leading UK film and visual effects studio. This will be combined with public screenings of the best of British visual effects, workshops on how to get involved with the industry, a conference, an exhibition and the awards ceremony itself.

The festival is being organised by The International VFX Hub, a collaboration between the award-winning National Centre for Computer Animation at Bournemouth University (NCCA) and the Faculty of Media and Performance at the Arts University College Bournemouth (AUCB).

The competition will be held on the Bournemouth University and AUCB campuses and will replicate a film studio with participants working in groups of up to five to produce a short visual effects or animated sequence. Teams will be mentored and monitored by industry practitioners throughout the competition and a panel of carefully selected industry judges will have the task of picking a winning team.

The remaining festival activity will take place across Bournemouth and will be open to the public. It will cement the area as a leading creative hub in the UK and raise awareness of the visual effects industry. It will also encourage young people to take up the necessary STEM subjects at school to help them get a good foundation if they want to be involved at university and beyond.

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Source: The International VFX Hub