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Bezos and Musk Face Off: Graham Jones Drops ‘Silicon Docks’ Trailer

A lockdown creation by artists seeking to preserve their sanity, the movie is a satirical, urban odyssey about the existential angst of some of America’s most famed tech moguls on a doomed Dublin pub crawl during the last days of the Trump presidency… what could be better?

Irish director Graham Jones has just dropped a trailer for his 2D animated movie Silicon Docks, a voluntary pandemic lockdown project created with minimal resources by a group of artists trying not to go stir-crazy. It will be available to watch free on YouTube October 1.

Silicon Docks takes place during the last days of Trump’s presidency and portrays a doomed Dublin pub crawl conducted by a group of American tech moguls, prohibited from visiting one another’s European HQs during the early days of COVID-19 but urgently needing to agree on whether to sign a critical EU agreement.

The satirical, urban odyssey features a looming conflict between Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and his arch nemesis Evan Spiegel who created Snapchat. Space racers Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk face off with their own issues, while other dramas are endured by cold and frustrated “tech rockstars” as they stumble around locked-down Dublin in desperate need of a pint.

“Over here in Ireland, we have so many giant U.S. tech corporations operating in Silicon Docks, which is a small area just minutes from where I grew up in the eighties and was obviously very different back then,” explained Jones. “This seismic shift in my native city has really made me reflect on everyday tech users, regular tech workers, and just our modern tech society as a whole. So, I thought it might be interesting to conduct a little experiment. What happens if we take a sample group, let’s say 10 early pioneers of the web, and subject them to the same kind of distortions that everybody else endures online in the 21st century?”

Check out the trailer:

The movie is written and directed by Jones and animated by Kasia Wiśniewska. The production designer is Diep Hoang, and the background is by Sonia Egan. The music is from Freedom Trail Studio, Futuremono, The Tower of Light, Rkvc, Ashley Shadow, and Dan Lebowitz.

The film features the voice talent of Grace Power, Shane Lynch, Brendan Mcdonald, Fiona Bawn-Thompson, Bobby Calloway, Rob Smith, José Naghmar, Gerry Cannon, and Matthew Mcmahon.

Source: Graham Jones

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