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Berg Onboard The Dune Buggy

Peter Berg will direct big screen adaptation DUNE for Paramount Pictures, VARIETY reports.

DUNE is the 1965 classic sci-fi novel by Frank Herbert that takes place on the desert planet of Arrakis. A war breaks out over the control of the spice Melange, used for distant space travel.

DUNE also was the inspiration for a 1984 David Lynch film and a 2000 Sci Fi Channel miniseries with William Hurt.

The theme of limited ecological resources is considered especially timely, and producers are looking for a scribe who will adhere to the original work.

Producer Kevin Mischer spent the past year obtaining the book rights from Herbert's estate and will produce under his Paramount-based shingle.

Producers include New Amsterdam's Richard Rubenstein (who produced the Sci Fi DUNE and sequel CHILDREN OF DUNE) and Film 44's Sarah Aubrey (Berg's production banner). Executive producers are John Harrison and Mike Messina.

Paramount is counting on DUNE for a tentpole project.

Actor/director Berg recently helmed the upcoming Will Smith pic HANCOCK, as well as THE KINGDOM and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.