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Bent Image Lab Creates CG Robin Hood for

Portland-based Bent Image Lab creates a CG Robin Hood in a new spot for believed that advertising by the insurance industry in Asia has relied too heavily on traditional imagery.

Simon Birch, CEO of, said “So far, advertising for insurance here has remained traditional and rather boring. You know the ones with impossibly good looking families with perfect teeth standing under umbrellas etc. Our latest campaign aims to change all that, as well as change people’s negative perceptions about the way insurance is done.”

Protecting the wallets of insurance customers throughout the region, the gallant and chivalrous Robin Hood has become the new spokeshero for – an online insurance company. Joining the ranks of a straightforward, fair-minded, tech-savvy company like was a perfect fit for Robin who states “We came to put insurance into the hands of the people!”

Alchemy Asia (Hong Kong), the agency behind the hero, decided that the Robin Hood character would best represent the values of Creative Director Bennett Leung says “Robin Hood is the perfect character to represent He fights for the rights of the people. He’s a challenger. We also wanted to make him fun and engaging by modernizing him and giving him an interesting personality with a rich back-story. He’s not one-dimensional.”

Together, Alchemy Asia and Bent Image Lab (Portland) fleshed out the CGI animated Robin Hood character’s look and feel. Alchemy Asia then wrote the script for the commercial that would introduce the character while also bringing out the brand’s values. Bent Image Lab produced the commercial in conjunction with TRIBE (Shanghai).

“The idea was to introduce Robin Hood as this guy who loves to give money back to the people but he is not the typical Robin Hood,” says Bent Director Rob Shaw. “He’s got a big gut and he’s a little bit more of a lovable bumbler. He imagines himself to be this suave, charming hero, but really he is a little clumsy and that’s what makes him endearing.”

In Parking Lot, the quirky hero swings triumphantly from car to car in the early morning hours as he tries to quietly leave savings under the windshield wipers of customers. Of course, being Robin, he clumsily slips off a car triggering its alarm and waking the family.

The commercial interjects the animated CGI Robin into live action environments. The biggest challenge using CGI and live action in tandem is in pre-production, we have to really think out every detail of the shot,” says Alchemy Asia Creative Director Christopher Chan. “But the great thing about that is we can get Robin to do anything!”

Robin himself is excited for his new role to start, “Get ready people, and I are coming!”

Next year, plans on releasing a second commercial that continues the tale of Robin Hood and the brand.

The campaign launched in Singapore May 20th, 2013, Hong Kong June 3rd, 2013, and will be released in Thailand July 2013.

Source: Bent Image Lab

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