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Bent Image Lab Brings Day of the Dead to Life for el Jimador Tequila

Three stop-motion spots directed by Bent’s Rob Shaw utilize a combination of practical sets and CG backgrounds to highlight el Jimador Tequila’s annual Day of the Dead celebration.

Grey Advertising Toronto collaborated with Bent Image Lab director Rob Shaw to develop three memorable stop-motion animated spots to spotlight the el Jimador Tequila annual Day of the Dead celebration. Bent Image Lab captured the essence of the celebration in three 15-second spots designed for online and social media.

“Our design team came up with techniques I’ve never seen used before that really worked out in the finished puppets,” Shaw said. “The key to it all was embracing the Day of the Dead folk art aesthetic. We weren’t trying to make things slick and clean. We went for textural and charming and that allowed flexibility on how we made things.”

The combination of practical sets and CG backgrounds complemented and accentuated the quirky fluidity of the stop-motion characters, and brought to life this unique world where the departed and the living celebrate together in a small cantina.

“We loved each concept of these spots and the campaign right away,” said Bent executive producer Anthony Greene. “Rob’s love of the Dia de los Muertos Calacas made him the perfect choice to direct these spots.”

The Bent Image Lab art and animation teams worked double shifts for two weeks to create the puppets, sets and extra details from the colorful picado banners to the fabric and materials used in the puppet costumes.

“The sets on this job were truly amazing,” Shaw entused. “Despite the time crunch our team really focused on the details, which is give each spot a rich tactile and textured visual language. From the intricate paper banners to the miniature el Jimador bottles, the details really showed up on camera.”

The scripts and art direction from the Grey Advertising Toronto creative team led by Ryan Kondrat and John La Magna were the basis for the unique character designs, and sets.

Source: Bent Image Lab