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Behind The Scenes Action From Lord Of The Rings

Giant Studios, the motion-capture technology and R&D provider for the LORD OF THE RINGS (LOTR) Trilogy has posted a behind-the-scenes movie produced by Weta (the primary visual effects company for LOTR) on the Giant Studios Website. The short film showcases some of the innovative motion-capture production techniques and technology developed for LOTR. In the clip, director Peter Jackson blocks scenes and places actors using Giants proprietary technology allowing Jackson to see the digital characters move through virtual sets and pre-visualize the shots. The first segment of the trilogy, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING, will be in U.S. theaters on December 19, 2001 and will use more digital characters than any film since STAR WARS: EPISODE ONE "THE PHANTOM MENACE." To view the behind the scenes footage, go to

Karl Cohen interviews Rob Coleman, the animation director behind all those amazing digital characters in STAR WARS: EPISODE ONE "THE PHANTOM MENACE."