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BBC To Air BRB’s 3D Series Bernard

During MIP-TV this week in Cannes, production company BRB Internacional has just closed the sale of its first CG series, BERNARD, to the BBC, which is likely to broadcast the series in 2007. Consisting of 52 episodes in the sketch genre, this series, co-produced by BRB, its creative studio Screen 21, EBS, M6 and RG, is entirely in High-Definition.

BERNARD tells the misadventures of a strange and rather clumsy polar bear, whose naivety and inexperience make his investigations into our world highly original. For Bernard, simple things like taking a picture, sheltering from the rain or playing golf without cheating, soon turn into major challenges.

BRB Internacional is an international company with more than 30 years experience in the production, distribution and licensing of television programs. For more information, visit

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