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Battlestar Star Signs Bionic Contract

After making a big impression in the pilot episode of NBC''s BIONIC WOMAN, Katee Sackhoff signed a late in the day deal yesterday (July 17, 2007) to be a regular on the revamp of the 1970s series, reports VARIETY. Sackhoff will play a villainous bionic named Sarah, who is the chief adversary to lead character Jamie Sommers, played by Michelle Ryan. David Eick, the exec producer of both BATTLESTAR and BIONIC, played a big role in reaching terms with the actress, who has become a gay icon as BATTLESTAR's Capt. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace. Originally, she had only signed onto a few episodes and rumors were flying that she was holding out due to the hiring of GREY'S ANATOMY's troubled former star Isaiah Washington, who was recently let go from GREY'S over the extended bad publicity surrounding his use of a gay slur.

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