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Bandai set to battle Pokemon

In continued coverage of the war to empty the pockets of the POKEMONpeople, Bandai America Incorporated, the company responsible for the PowerRangers and Tamogotchi virtual pets, unveiled a new line of toys based onthe POKEMON-like DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS, at an event held at FAO Schwarzin New York. Since the debut of the TV series in August on Fox Kids,DIGIMON has become the #1 ranked show in its time period among allcompetition with Boys 6-11. Kids can also visit the DIGIMON Web site whichoffers a digital information center where they can gain more knowledgeabout the Digimon and their toy line. The DIGIMON line of productsincludes: DIGIMON cards; DIGIMON game cards and game card booster packs;DIGIMON WORLD, a Sony PlayStation game; DIGIMON Digi dX, Mini skateboards;Digivice game, a battle LCD game featuring lights and sound; actionfigures; collectible DIGIMON sets, which include four to six DIGIMON indifferent stages of evolution; Digivolving action figures, and the DIGIMONkit, which includes a five-minute video, poster and an action figure.DIGIMON: DIGITAL MONSTERS follows seven kids who are unexpectedlytransported from summer camp to the 'digital world' of File Island wherethe little creatures live. On File Island, the kids befriend certainwell-meaning DIGIMON, which have the ability to "digivolve," changing fromone form to another and back again. In related news, there is no knownplans for a GOBOT come-back.

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