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THE BANANA SPLITS will return via Cartoon Network Online's Web PremiereToon series in 2000. Produced by Hanna-Barbera and Sid & Marty Krofft, THEBANANA SPLITS ADVENTURE HOUR was originally broadcast on NBC from 1968-70,and the show was repeated throughout the 1970s. Episodes currently airSaturday mornings on Cartoon Network. The live-action variety show featuredrock musician characters in fuzzy animal suits: Fleagle, a beagle; Drooper,a lion; Bingo, a gorilla; and Snorky, an elephant. The foursome wouldperform goofy sketch comedy or rock music, then introduce serializedcartoon segments. In the Web Premiere Toon version, the Banana Splits willget zapped into an interactive, animated universe for their Web adventures.Cartoon Network Online's first Web Premiere Toons, PINK DONKEY AND THE FLY,by Gary Panter, and B. HAPPY, by Mark Newgarden, were launched in February1999.