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The Bakery Unveils A Range Of Free Tools For Lighting Pros At MIFA 2011

The Bakery (, the 3D computer graphics software company, will unveil a new range of free tools for lighting professionals at the forthcoming MIFA show in Annecy, France (8.-10. June 2011, stand 2.006).

Press Release from The Bakery

Gemenos, France – The Bakery (, the 3D computer graphics software company, will unveil a new range of free tools for lighting professionals at the forthcoming MIFA show in Annecy, France (8.-10. June 2011, stand 2.006). The new toolset, which is available from this month, draws on the core technology of Bakery Relight, the Company‘s high-end interactive lighting, shading and rendering solution, which launched at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas earlier this year.

The Bakery will also host an Exclusive Launch Event on the morning of Wednesday 8. June 2011 (10.00 – 12.00hrs - Salon Verdi, L'Impérial Palace, Annecy, France), where they will give a full presentation on the new toolset and Bakery Relight. The event will also include presentations by key clients, such as Dwarf Labs and Cyber Group Studios on their production workflow and latest projects using Bakery Relight.

“By making these tools available, our aim is to help create a close collaborative network within the lighting community, and to introduce 3D artists worldwide to the revolutionary production workflow, which is at the heart of Bakery Relight,” said Bakery CEO, Erwan Maigret. “We are giving users unique access to key technology tools to handle full 3D CG productions, and to complement their lighting and rendering needs. What we want from them in return is detailed feed-back and ideas, which will ultimately enable us to improve and extend this toolset for our user base. Users will be able to share their new compositing plugins via a dedicated page on our website.”

The free toolset will include:•    Bakery Comp: a simple node-based compositing tool with C++ extensions to enable users to write new compositing nodes for simple 2D CG compositing. This compositing tool includes the Bakery's object model and scene representation with abstract classes creation, and supports major image file formats•    Bakery Image Player:  for playing image sequences, with stereo synchronisation•    Bakery Image Viewer: to display native Bakery image format as well as other standard formats“The key function of compositing tools should be to handle complex live-action FX integration in the easiest possible way. This basic process of the mixing of multiple layers is often much more complex than it should be. We want to help users overcome the cumbersomeness of lengthy rendering times in complex 3D imaging and to help them simulate interactive lighting with speed and ease. Simple compositing tools like the one we are now offering should be sufficient to assemble these layers and should be made available to any user having to deal with such problems,” said Maigret.

For further details and to obtain the free Bakery Imaging Toolset, please contact:, or visit:

The Bakery will be demonstrating Bakery Relight on stand 2.006 at MIFA 2011 at L'Impérial Palace, Annecy, France. To register for the Bakery Launch Event on 8. June 2011, or to arrange a one-to-one meeting with the team at the show, please contact:

About Bakery Relight:Designed for the high-end feature film, television and industrial, automotive and architectural design industries, Bakery Relight is the first interactive, all-in-one lighting, shading and rendering solution. With potent new artistic tools and accelerated and streamlined workflows, Bakery Relight expands creativity and increases productivity and turnaround times by significant orders of magnitude. Born out of years of hands-on experience on top grossing feature films and in product development, and proven through extensive pre-release testing, Bakery Relight is the first software solution to support the lighters’ and shaders’ iterative process -- progressive and interactive refinement of properties and details -- with full resolution feedback within seconds.

About the Bakery:The Bakery ( is a 3D computer graphics company that provides pioneering software solutions for the feature film, TV and the industrial, architectural and automotive design industries. The company’s first product is Bakery Relight™, an interactive lighting and rendering suite of tools for the high-end feature film, TV and design markets. The Bakery was founded in Gemenos, France in 2007 by veteran motion picture artists and technologists Erwan Maigret and Arnauld Lamorlette. Lamorlette earned a 2011 Academy Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award for co-developing a global illumination solution, and Maigret holds a patent on laser-based glasses technology.

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