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Back to School With Blue’s Clues

As kids are getting ready to face going back to school, they perhaps can find animated comfort and reassurance in the BLUES CLUES primetime special, BLUE TAKES YOU TO SCHOOL, when the kitten, Periwinkle, faces his first daunting day of preschool. The special debuted at 8:00 pm August 11, 2003 on Nick Jr.

Periwinkle is excited about his first day at school as he walks with Joe (Donovan Patton the live-action host) and Blue on their way to school. The teacher, Miss Marigold, asks Blue to be Periwinkles buddy and show him around. The class learns all kinds of new games and activities related to reading. Viewers are invited to help Periwinkle solve the puzzles and keep him company. He has such a good time that he cant wait to go back to school the next day.

The first day of school is a monumental occasion filled with lots of excitement and a few jitters, said Brown Johnson, evp of Nick Jr. This special episode of BLUES CLUES captures all of the feelings that go along with entering the classroom for the first time, and will help kids to prepare for the big day.

Nick Jr. has partnered with Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), a leading childrens and family literacy organization, for this special episode to promote reading readiness during the back-to-school season. The network is airing a PSA spot in conjunction with RIF and is distributing hundreds of thousands of BLUES CLUES reading posters.

Kids, primarily 2 to 5, have been captivated for the past six years with the shows charming mix of homemade texture cutouts and live action in a storybook animation look designed by creator/design director/exec producer, Traci Paige Johnson, and computer generated at the Nick Digital Studios in New York City. Angela C. Santomero serves as exec producer, head writer and co-creator of the series that airs on Nick Jr. weekdays at 10:30 am and 11:30 am, as well as weekends on CBS.