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Babin Joins Millimages as Managing Director

Co-founder of Backup Media Group will oversee production, distribution, merchandising and new media.

Jean-Baptiste Babin is joining French animation studio Millimages as managing director.

In his new post, the co-founder of Backup Media Group will oversee the company’s production, international distribution, merchandising and new media activities.

A former attorney, Babin led Backup in financing or producing more than 400 features and series.

“Millimages has developed world-renowned brands such as Molang and achieved it by fully producing in France. I am very proud to become the ambassador and driver of this ambition alongside (Millimages president) Roch Lener and his collaborators,” said Babin.

 “Jean-Baptiste has the experience and a taste for entrepreneurship. His passion and creative ambition are major assets for the future of Millimages,” says Lener.

Source: Variety

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